About Velaur

Velaur is a wholesale company that sells finished jewelry, custom jewelry, and other services essential to the jewelry trade. Our years of experience in jewelry trade have helped us further specialize in manufacturing quality jewelry for retailers nationwide. As our business continues to expand and evolve throughout time, so do the needs of our clients. Therefore, Velaur has not only invested in a skilled, professional staff to handle all of our customer’s needs but has also invested in the latest technology that will help optimize our client’s business in every aspect. Using the latest 3-D technology, our company now has the ability to create even more unique, intricate jewelry pieces than before, all while matching the same quality and expenses as seen by competitors in the industry. Our interactive website, extensive product line and resources, and our elite customer service supplies our clients with all of the tools necessary for whichever level of involvement they desire. As the industry continues to progress, whether technologically, financially, or stylistically, Velaur promises to follow its lead and to provide the best for our clients.